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Country Cottage Builders Has Lots of Great History.

The Mortimer family has been “defining” Muskoka since 1867. Immigrating from England, they intended to clear the land for cultivation. The rocky shorelines, dense forests, and intense winters made farming impractical. Harvesting the forests created a living in the logging industry. Later, members of the family built and managed Wingberry House on Mortimer’s Point, naming it after the family farm in England.

Early in the 20th century the Mortimer family began building steamships from their home base on Mortimer’s Point, Lake Muskoka. Many steamships were constructed by the skilled Mortimer boat builders and became engaged in the service of moving people and goods throughout Muskoka.

The creation of the steamships led the Mortimers to open a marina. Using the marina as a base, Eddy Mortimer continued the livery business by daily picking up people and goods from the trains in Bala. Later, his son Don Mortimer, took to the air and expanded the business to include an aerodrome.

Some members of the Mortimer family became engaged in the construction of summer homes for the ever-growing seasonal population. The tradition of defining Muskoka through building and service continues today.

Cottage Country Builders was created in 1984 by Dan Mortimer; a decedent of Muskoka builders for over 100 years. Aftering graduating from engineering at University of New Brunswick, Dan moved back to Muskoka to carry on a tradition that has been part of his family’s history. Twenty years later Jason Mortimer, Dan’s son, returned to Muskoka, after graduating from Ottawa University with a degree in economics, to join his father in the construction business. Living in Muskoka and building Muskoka cottages is their passion. It's now Dan and Jason's objective to preserve the Muskoka Legacy.

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