logo-new.pngCottage Country Builders have built their reputation on recognizing the importance of quality and efficiency in their operation. We have been designing and developing Muskoka properties for over 30 years. Our team consists of engineers, designers, machine operators and experienced builders. We have an extensive network of sub-contractors with experience conducting business in Muskoka and surrounding areas.

Cottage Country Builders specialize in engineering, design, general contracting, steel & crib dock construction, landscaping and barging. They provide services on many levels, resulting in efficient construction and cost savings.

The Mortimer family has been defining Muskoka since 1867. Dan and Jason Mortimer take pride in the accomplishments of their company by building for future generations while preserving the elegance and grace of Muskoka’s rich past.



Muskoka cottages have a unique and individual style. Muskoka cottage design is associated with the personality of the owners and the skill of their builder. Cottage Country Builders have been building Muskoka masterpieces in conjunction with owners and architects since 1984.


Cottage Country Builders have been designing and building boathouses in Muskoka for over 25 years. President and Professional Engineer, Dan Mortimer, has constructed many structures that today are recognized as the “Muskoka” boathouse.


Docks form the foundation for boathouses and decks often support screened in porches: both are great places to park a Muskoka chair. In any case docks and decks increase the enjoyment and value of any property.


Cottage Country Builders have been designing and installing natural landscapes in the Muskoka area for 20 years. Our team of designers, operators, installers, and horticulturists combine their skills and passions to produce a perfect result.



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