Steel & Crib Docks are vital elements of any cottage.

Docks form the foundation for boathouses and decks often support screened in porches: both are great places to park a Muskoka chair. In any case docks and decks increase the enjoyment and value of any property.

Crib docks can last over 100 years. Mortimers built many of the docks that the steamships used for mooring. The technique of building crib style docks has not changed a great deal. Cottage Country Builders employ the same procedures used by past generations. Steal docks have become the trend over the past 15 years in Muskoka. Cottage Country Builders and our sub-contractors bring engineering, integrity, and professionalism to every steel dock. Building of crib docks, coupled with the innovative concept of steel docks, make Cottage Country Builders the premier dock contractor in Muskoka

Decks tend to extend the usable cottage space and permit improved traffic flow between the interior and exterior of the building. Innovations in deck building products together with traditional materials enhance the overall enjoyment and safety of any deck.

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